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ABOUT ASC's is a blog setup to provide ambulatory healthcare professionals the opportunity to share ideas, post questions and reach out to peers for information on: improving patient care and safety, meeting regulatory compliance, risk management, licensing, policies and procedures,information systems, and daily operational questions. This blog is provided and supported by Ambulatory Strategies, Inc. as a service to our clients and friends.

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Under Sink Cabinet Storage

by DRauber 15. February 2012 15:18
Under sink storage requirements has to do with possible water leaks contaminating items and mold and mildew growing and whether chemicals stored there are an excessive amount or might react with water.  Also, if there are so many things stored under the sink, then spotting a water leak is harder.  So, plastic storage container for cleaning products, e.g., could be stored under the sink, but not paper towels or cloths used with the cleaning products.  The Joint Commission has a FAQ about this in case you want to look there for information.


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