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ABOUT ASC's is a blog setup to provide ambulatory healthcare professionals the opportunity to share ideas, post questions and reach out to peers for information on: improving patient care and safety, meeting regulatory compliance, risk management, licensing, policies and procedures,information systems, and daily operational questions. This blog is provided and supported by Ambulatory Strategies, Inc. as a service to our clients and friends.

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50% Rule Impact in ASCs

by DRauber 8. May 2012 09:12
I am not convinced of the need for a EHR in all ACSs.  In the case of a Eligible Provider who practices at a ASC in addition to other locations at least 50% of their patient encounters must occur at a location or locations that have a certified EHR installed.  All locations are not required to have a certified EHR installed. A physician who spends 70% of his/her time in a location or locations that have a certified EHR would be eligible to demonstrate meaningful use for patients seen at the locations with a certified EHR installed and would not report the patient encounters (30%) in the ASC.  Now if we reverse this logic with 70% of the patients seen in the ASC and 30% seen in other locations qualifying for meaningful use becomes more complicated particularly if the ASC does not have a certified EHR installed.  To qualify the physician must have access to a certified EHR and have at least 50% of patient encounters documented in a EHR.   In a multi-specialty ASC not all physicians may want or have a need for a certified EHR installed in the ASC.  Some may already meet the 50% rule at other locations, others may have elected not to participate.  I am of the opinion that if a physician needs ASC patient encounters to meet the 50% rule they should bring their certified EHR with them to the ASC thru remote access.  It would be no different than what many vendors offer today thru cloud computing.  I would think that if the physician can clearly meet the documentation requirements for meaningful use thru remote access to a certified EHR they should be eligible for the meaningful use incentives.   

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